Wednesday, February 09, 2005

بمناسبة معرض التجميل

أنا أعترف إني نادراً ما أستخدم كريم ترطيب لجسمي. لدرجة أن جلدي أصبح مثل جلد كشنات تاكسي شفر إمبالا موديل 75.

الإعلانات دائماً موجهه لنصفنا الآخر وتنسانا نحن الرجال. مثل ما نحب أن يكون الطرف الآخر جميل، فأنا أعتقد إنهم يحبون أن يروا الجمال على محيانا. نحن الرجال عادة لا نذكر هذه الأمور ، أمور الجمال أعني، يمكن من باب العيب، أو كون الأمر طعن برجولتنا. أو ربما أسباب أخرى لا أعرفها. ولكن أظن إني الآن وصلت لمرحلة لا يمكن التغاضي عنها. أنا أعتقد إني مازلت شاب، ولكن الوجه لا يساعد خصوصاً وإن جلد وجهي بدأ يسيح.

لا أنكر إني حاولت مرات الدخول لمعارض البودي شوب لعرض مشاكلي الجلدية عليهم لعل وعسى أحصل على شيء مفيد ولكن الإحراج يمنعني. الآن أعتقد بأني سأستجمع شجاعتي وأسأل هذه المرة.


Blogger nanonano said...

أنا مدمنة هالمنتجات يعني من أشوفها أغيب..و أحرص على شراء الكريمات و أنواع الصابونات و المقشرات و الماسكات بس ما تتخيلون اشلون استغربت لما دخل زوجي علي و معاه كريم حق وجهه

2:35 PM  
Blogger esetch said...


أشوه يعني في سابورت غروب
Support group


2:41 PM  
Blogger Kuwaiti_Man said...

عزيزي Esetch

مافيها شي لما تدخل البودي شوب, خصوصا وان عندهم مستحضرات رجالية

2:52 PM  
Blogger بومريوم said...

أجمل شى لما تسوى خلط بين منتجات بودى شوب و منتجات سوق واجف

4:45 PM  
Blogger esetch said...


مو القصد بس ما أدري أحس كل العيون راح تكون علي
وعلى العموم خلاص آنه راح أروح لهم

5:16 PM  
Blogger Bo Jaij said...

Ekel 3aish o la7am eb eedik o rakkez 3ala el sha7am...wala e6lub 9a7an shwerma o eklha eb eedik...bo6a6 o mayonese ham zain...ba3dain emsa7 eb eedik ( el emdahna zain ) 3ala kel boq3a men gisemk te7tag tar6eeb....6ab3an ree7at el akel mo moshkela..dhen 3ood o bukhoor

6:15 PM  
Blogger Zaydoun said...

Body Shop products suck.. But if you want embarrassment, go to that store VaVaVoom in Marina Mall. Sometimes I need something from there and I go in and out so fast because even though they carry men's products it's not designed like a men's store, and I REFUSE to carry their bags.. I either make them give me a plain الشايع plastic bag, or if I already have a bag from another shop, I'll just dump my purchases in it.

6:44 PM  
Blogger Anti_Reason said...

Zaydoun, guys, regarding going into stores that are looked at as “women only”, do you remember the classic romantic comedy “Pillow Talk”? The movie had a scene where Rock Hudson was trying to avoid Tony Randall by entering to an office without noticing that it was a maternity clinic. Inside he was waiting for Randall to walk by when the nurse came to ask him if he needs help, and only then he notices that he was inside a clinic – but not what kind! Still trying to buy some time, he asks the nurse for an appointment, and she says “oh, for you wife?”, and he answers “no, for myself!” The nurse goes to the doctor to inform him that she has a “pregnant man” waiting to see him …

Anyhow, the reason I mentioned this long anecdote was because it reminds of a story that occurred to a friend of mine sometime ago, while we were students in the US. My friend – I’ll just refer to him as “A” – was walking in the mall one day, when he spots another fellow – lets call him: “A2” - whom he didn’t wish to meet at that moment, or any other time for that matter! Hoping that “A2” did not spot him, what did “A” do? You guessed it, he rushed himself thru the first entrance he could find, and kept in a corner waiting for “A2” to pass by. The young lady at the store noticed him and cheerfully came to ask him if he needs any help, to which “A” answered without paying much attention: “yeah, I need to find something nice”, to which the girl asked “for your girlfriend?”; “A”, who was still totally oblivious of his surroundings, answered her: “no, for myself!”

I forgot to mention that the store “A” rushed into was Victoria’s Secret!

True Story!!!

So, relax! No matter how you feel when you get into one of them “girlie” stores, remember those who managed to put themselves into far more embarrassing situations! So go right inside, and remember poor “A” :-)

9:53 PM  

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